How will I get to Princeton?

If your university offers funding for transportation, the easiest way to get to Princeton is to take New Jersey Transit from New York Penn Station to Princeton Junction. From there, a second train will take you to the Princeton Station, which is within walking distance from all the dorms on campus, as well as from Guyot Hall, where PEID will take place. 

In order to make this event as accessible as possible to everyone, there will be an application for funding from the Ideathon. Depending on the needs, we will either fund individual transportation costs and/or offer free buses leaving from major cities. More details will be sent later. 

WIll housing be provided?

Yes! If you indicate on your application that you need housing, we will pair you with a student host for both nights. Except if your host explicitly say not to, you should bring a sleeping bag (and sleeping pad/air mattress if possible). 

Will food be provided?

Yes, the event will start with dinner on Friday and end with lunch on Sunday. If you expect to get to Princeton earlier or leave later than that, food is available at the Wawa just next to the Dinky Station and at many restaurants on Nassau Street, just north of campus. 

Do i need a team to apply?

No! Some people might want to team up with other students they already know but a large part of Friday evening will be spent meeting new people and forming teams of three to five people. We also encourage participants to meet each other through our Facebook page. 

When should I expect to hear back after applying?

Applications close on March 18th and you will hear back from us on April 1st. Do not make any travel plans before that date. 



Still have questions? Email pei.ideathon@gmail.com.